igus invests in SPE, awarded Single Pair Ethernet Network Pioneer Member

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igus has introduced ready-made cables for the Single Pair Ethernet especially for e-chain use

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), which uses a single twisted pair of conductors that reduces the cable thickness and the size of the connectors required,
is now one of the biggest trends in data communication for devices to communicate with the smallest sensors.

SPE uses both compact connectors and slim cables, both in high demand in industrial applications. igus has developed a highly flexible Single Pair Ethernet cable especially for dynamic use in energy chains, and now offers it as a ready-to-connect and fully tested igus readycable. To be at the forefront of research in this technology, igus joined the SPE Industrial Partner Network in 2019 and has now received the network’s “PIONEER Member” award.

Single Pair Ethernet, or SPE, has been a big topic in the electrical engineering industry since 2019. The trend is towards new compact data technology, which the industry now wants to deploy to be able to communicate ethernet-based data between even the smallest sensors or cameras.

One of two networks that promote SPE research is the SPE Industrial Partner Network. With six other members, specialist plug manufacturer Harting founded the network in 2019 in Germany. igus since joined the organisation as a partner for applying SPE to energy cables and igus has now received a collaboration award as a Pioneer member. “We have been working with Harting on various projects for several years, and we began developing a Single Pair Ethernet cable quite early on, which is specially designed for use in the energy chain and is compatible with Harting T1 connectors,” says John Barker, Product Manager for chainflex cables at igus UK.

“With many well-known companies in the network, we are pleased to continue to develop the technology and to implement new applications together in the near future.” As early as the SPS 2019, show igus presented the first highly flexible cable for singe pair Ethernet.

The cable is designed specifically for the T1 plug interface. The combined cable and plug is extremely robust: igus uses a high-abrasion-resistant, tough polyurethane coat and the robust metallic plug connects and locks with the PCB socket. The smaller size of the cable and plug creates more space in the e-chain and the connection area of the controller. The oil-resistant and flame retardant CFBUS. PUR.042 coating has been extensively tested in igus’s 3,800m2 test laboratory in Cologne.

As with more than its 1,300 igus chainflex cable variants, the Single Pair Ethernet line comes with a 36 month warranty. To avoid buying and assembling plugs and cables separately, the chainflex cable is available as both a stock product by the metre, and as a ready-to-connect and tested readycable in the igus online shop. In the meantime, there are further plug options for SPE on the market to satisfy a full range of different customer requests. “It’s why we also test our SPE line with other plugs, so as to be able to offer the customer the optimal solution for his requirements,” says John Barker.

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