ID Card Centre is Now a Low Carbon Workplace!

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One of ID Card Centre’s core values is sustainability, and that’s why we are always striving to make sure our business continues to be more sustainable each day. From important actions such as separating all our waste for recycling, to making sure our used tea bags and coffee grounds are composted in the right way, we can guarantee that we’re always thinking about the environment in every aspect of the business. 

As a result, to reduce our impact on the environment, we’ve installed solar panels on top of our office building which will be used to convert sunlight into electricity. This will be used to power the office as we provide you with a more sustainable service.


 ID Card Centre's solar panel


Why Solar Panels?

Renewable energy is powering 29% of the world’s total energy and is becoming a favoured renewable source due to its versatility and effective results. The process is simple: when sunlight energy hits the photovoltaic solar panels, the panels convert the energy to DC current, which flows to an inverter that converts DC current to AC current – which is then used to power all the electrical items used in our building. 

The main reason we’re so delighted to have these energy powering panels on top of the office building is that solar panels are substantially beneficial when compared to traditional energy sources. Renewable energy is expected to become the UK’s main source of energy, and we’re already on our way to using less carbon energy with our newly fitted solar panel as 40% of the UK’s energy currently comes from renewables.


 Close up of ID Card Centre's solar panel


The PV panels used will lessen our reliance on non-renewable energy sources that release pollutants into the air and greatly impact our air quality. These pollutants, produced by traditional energy sources, also contribute to other worrying environmental issues such as climate change, and will eventually run out. On the other hand, our newly installed PV panels use natural sunlight energy and do not produce any harmful substances that can harm the environment – and renewable energies such as solar also do not run out.

As a result, these panels will be used to generate our energy-saving LED lighting panels and other electric-reliant devices within the workplace. 

We’re Not Just a Low Carbon Workplace…

In addition, as a way to tackle plastic pollution in the ocean, we’re working with Plastic Bank by removing 10 bottles from the ocean for every order placed. This partnership will also help the less fortunate communities who collect these plastic materials from the ocean for Plastic Bank.

We’ve also added more eco products to our website to ensure our customers have access to sustainable alternatives. These environmentally friendly products are made out of sustainable materials and can be identified by a small eco icon visible on the top right corner of any green initiative product on our website.