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We only receive 5% product donations from businesses and members of the public that we need for our gift packs that make their way to adult cancer patients in hospital.

This means to fund our gift pack range (29 different gifts for patients to choose from) The Lewis Foundation needs to raise the funds to purchase them. This is why your donations and fundraising are so important in helping to make a difference to adult cancer patients in hospital.

All our items are branded and brand new, with the contents approved by the hospitals as appropriate for the patients. We wanted them to be a treat and a gift.

Due to our work with suppliers and businesses over the years, we are able to purchase items cheaper than RRP.

This is how we are able to give out the wide selection of gifts to patients of high quality for the cost of £3.60 per pack. An example of one of our gifts is in the picture – an overnight pack if you are rushed into hospital and don’t have your essentials with you.

Despite the cost of living crisis, we have still been able to retain the packs at the this price.

The donations and fundraising that you do, helps to support us in provide the packs to the 17 hospitals across the Midlands consistently.

When you are making a donation or fundraising, you become a part of a community who wants to make a difference to the lives of those diagnosed with cancer who are in hospital – going through the most difficult time of their lives.

The gifts may be simple but when you are in hospital – bored, isolated, alone & without basic essentials, they make a huge impact!

Be a part of making a difference by:

Donating a gift for £3.60 or become a regular gift giver and donating a gift per month –