How do you go about increasing your customer base, driving out profit from your sales and optimising your margins on hot products?

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We sometimes find that businesses sell products to match demand without taking the time to understand whether they are selling the right number of products at the right price. For example, can they sell less at a higher price and make a better return? Sometimes businesses can be so busy matching products with demand that they don’t take a step back to look at the big picture and to really analyse their stock levels and whether they are refreshing it fast enough.

In the ‘GROW – Margin’ section of our Business Waterwheel™ we have some simple yet very effective ways of helping businesses create and understand the following;

– Lean Processes – Efficiently deliver what customers most need.
– Profitability analytics – Know what every product brings in.
– Gross vs Net – Understand contribution to fixed costs.

For further details contact me or visit my website, I look forward to talking it through with you.