Höja Group Ltd New Year Events – The Path to Better Starts in 2023

Member News

With over 20 years’ experience in continuous improvement, change management and supply chain development, Alistair Phipp has recently launched the Höja business improvement programme designed specifically for SME’s that want a simple and intuitive way to sustain and improve on the standards set within companies.

Alistair says ‘The programme gives those businesses with either limited funds and resources or with limited experience in this area the ability to access the structure, tools and techniques relevant to their needs. The focus is on balancing the standards expected across the critical elements of people, process, environment, customer and cost so is a fantastic opportunity for all in any organisation to be engaged in the company’s future.’

The programme comes with 4 stages starting with a core 2 day course and from there businesses can opt in for other services dependent on budgets and resource.

Alistair is excited to announce that there are a number of New Year events available to anyone interested, starting off with a number of webinars giving a more detailed introduction to the Höja programme, short videos giving an understanding of how Höja is relevant in the world around us and finally there are two free taster sessions planned in for the start of February for potential customers wanting to experience the style and content of the programme.

For a full list of the dates and times please go to the Höja LinkedIn page – www.linkedin.com/company/helpelevatestandards/

Or Alistair is contactable via the website www.helpelevatestandards.com