High praise for recruitment company who ‘find good people, not just good employees’

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The UK’s leading supplier of technology for the blind has praised a Northamptonshire recruitment firm for its understanding and attention to detail in sourcing people with not just the right skills but the right moral compass.

Sight and Sound Technology, which supply the tools to enable those who are fully or partially blind to live life to the maximum, said family run recruitment consultancy Wills Consultants find “good people, not just good employees”.

Kettering based husband and wife team Simon and Nikki Wills first started working with Sight and Sound CEO Glenn Tookey back in 2017, when – after being recommended by another client – they recruited a sales and marketing manager for the company.

Glenn said: “Simon is a likeable guy. He had a good level of professionalism, and he took the time to come and see what I do and understand my business. He then passed all that information on to his team.

“We are a disability technology provider, and all our customers will have some form of disability, whether that is physical or behavioural. People working for us must be on our wavelength and be the right type of person to get on with our client base. That person needs empathy and personality.

“A recruiter for us needs to be able to judge each candidate, understand their backgrounds, map their skills and experience and the knowledge they’ve gained in their careers to make sure they fit in our business.

“Wills Consultants present me with good people, not just good employees and that’s what sets them apart from others.”

Over the past five years, Simon and Nikki, supported by the whole Wills Consultants team, have recruited countless employees for Glenn’s management team, not just in Northamptonshire but for his offices in Glasgow and Ireland as well.

He has been amazed at the calibre of the candidates.

“They are great judges of character,” said Glenn. “Every single person they present to me I could employ.

“The reason I continue to work with Wills Consultants is because the shortlist they provide is always good. Out of the three or four candidates, you could recruit any of them. It’s just about choosing the best one.

“They take the leg work and risk out of the process, and they understand my business. They find me people that fit the personality and skills type I need.”

Wills Consultants also follow up with both Glenn and the new starter for a number of months after the recruitment process has been completed, to ensure that both sides are satisfied with the arrangement.

“It’s not a process that ends when they’ve taken their fees from me,” said Glenn. “It carries on. They follow up regularly after the people have come on board, so we know people are happy and settled. It’s good for us as we know from a trusted source if we’re getting it right.

“I would recommend Wills Consultants wholeheartedly for their attention to detail and success factor. They take the risk out of my recruitment process, I can trust them, they don’t waste my time and the person I get stays in the business – what more can you ask for?”

Simon Wills said: “It is a pleasure working with Glenn and the Sight and Sound team. It is vitally important to us that we source the right people to fit not just the job criteria but the business culture too.”

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