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Embracing the Menopause event

A survey by market researcher company Ipsos MORI found that “50% of women had confirmed that menopause impacted negatively on their home life”. Whilst “34% of women said that they had developed (menopause-related) depression and anxiety.”

Bearing in mind that half of the population is female, these numbers are alarmingly high.

As the leading wellbeing charity in the county, Northamptonshire Sport recognises the need for support around menopause, so we’ve partnered with experts in the subject to spend a day embracing menopause but also debunking the many myths surrounding it. The event will also support women to take control of how they manage their health going forward.

If you’d like more knowledge around menopause, please join us at this special event on the 29th of April at Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire. Here’s a bit more about the day and the experts leading the sessions:

Dr Fiona Moore is a GP who has been in clinical practice for 23 years, her passion is women’s health. Fiona will guide participants through the myths & facts of the menopause.

Lisa Bhatt is a nutritional therapist who specialises in the impact of diet on menopausal women, deciding on HRT or not and how changing the way you eat can help manage long term health.

Tracy, Lady Northampton is a practising psychotherapist and counsellor and owner of the Castle Ashby Wellbeing Hub will lead the opening session.

Exercise plays a part in managing the impact of menopause and long term health, because of this we’ll offer some activities that you may enjoy or might want to try.

The investment for the day at the stunning countryside retreat for rest and renewal and with lunch created by acclaimed Head Chef Russell Bateman is just £99. To find out more email