Haus of HR Achieves Good Business Charter Accreditation, Demonstrating Commitment to Responsible Business Practices

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Haus of HR is pleased to announce that it has recently achieved the prestigious Good Business Charter accreditation. This recognition signifies the organisation’s dedication to responsible business practices and behaviours in the UK.

The Good Business Charter is a straightforward accreditation that allows organisations to demonstrate their commitment to responsible business conduct. Haus of HR’s achievement of this accreditation underscores its accountability to staff, suppliers, customers, and the environment.

The accreditation assesses behaviour across ten key components, and Haus of HR proudly showcases its commitment to each one:

  1. REAL LIVING WAGE: Ensuring fair pay for directly employed and regularly contracted staff.
  2. FAIRER HOURS AND CONTRACTS: Prioritising zero or minimal hours contracts when mutually beneficial.
  3. EMPLOYEE WELLBEING: Supporting and promoting the physical and mental health of employees.
  4. EMPLOYEE REPRESENTATION: Establishing channels for employee suggestions and issue-raising.
  5. EQUALITY, DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: Fostering diversity and preventing workplace harassment or victimisation.
  6. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: Demonstrating a commitment to minimising environmental impact.
  7. PAYING FAIR TAX: Complying with tax regulations and maintaining transparency with HMRC.
  8. COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS: Prioritising stakeholder feedback and addressing concerns promptly.
  9. ETHICAL SOURCING: Ensuring ethical procurement practices in line with recognised standards.
  10. PROMPT PAYMENT: Timely payment to suppliers within at least 30 days.

Haus of HR invites stakeholders to join them in championing responsible business behaviour. To learn more about the Good Business Charter and become part of the GBC Community, visit https://www.goodbusinesscharte…

About Haus of HR:
Haus of HR is a leading HR consultancy committed to providing exceptional services to its clients. With a focus on responsible business practices, Haus of HR empowers organisations to create inclusive workplaces, nurture employee wellbeing, and drive sustainable growth.