Growing your Business with the Power of Events

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August 2022

One of the keys to success when looking at growth for your business is creating a ‘bigger picture’ strategy addressing how you are going to increase or deepen your reach within your market. That might mean speaking to more direct customers, building relationships with distributors or launching new products to retail and network buyers.

There has always been a wide range of channels on which to do this – email, websites, social media and, since the pandemic, a hugely increased range of other online and digital media.

However, if the lockdowns have taught us anything, it is that you simply cannot replace or better the connection that you get from a human, face to face interaction.

Sarah Threlfall, Managing Director of Brightspace Events says “Live events can be used in so many different ways and deliver so many benefits to companies who are looking to expand their market. Even a simple conference can say so much about your brand, your ambitions and, crucially, get your sales team in direct contact with your key contacts.

“There are also some great opportunities to reward top sales people or retailers with incentives – or even an awards dinner or other kind of memorable, in person celebration. The Events Industry is booming right now as companies jump at the chance to re-engage in a meaningful way with their customers.

Finally, if you’re considering exhibiting or attending trade shows as a way to promote your business, this is a great opportunity to run events alongside the main show – as all your customers are already in town! A customer networking reception, thought leadership style TED talks or perhaps hosting a group of your key customers with full VIP treatment throughout. This kind of ‘add on’ activity can really improve your return on investment both in time and monetary benefits.