“GB Is chasing down Martin Rooney” is Gary’s fundraiser for Parkinson’s UK

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s some six months ago and every person whom I speak to has a relative, or close friend, who is affected by PD! I understand that physical exercise, taken regularly, is good to combat this disease, so I am planning to “virtually” cycle the 620kms to the home of Jan Andersen, a close friend and fellow PD sufferer, who lives on the outskirts of Edinburgh! On route, I plan a stop at Stockport to see another sufferer and close friend, Martin Rooney: both Jan and Martin suffer with the tremors!! I am giving myself two months, July and August, to reach my destination, and all I ask is that you consider donating to aid research and the provision of the specialist Parkinson’s nurses, who contribute so much through their expertise in understanding the needs of the many sufferers!

10th July – DAY 10 of my ride – lessons learnt Lesson One – retain your focus: could be difficult for us Parkinsonians! Lesson Two – don’t take any rest days – pedal for just 5kms at a casual pace to ensure your legs keep moving! Lesson Three – put your ear-plugs in and tune into your playlist on Spotify! Lesson Four – Use the other assets to retain your focus – e.g. use the milometer to produce quicker kms/count down with the numbers? Today good/tough 18kms: means 109kms covered!

To find out more and donate: https://www.justgiving.com/page/gary-beckett-1719221070385