Freemasons thrupenny bit forfeit raises amazing amount to support dementia care

Member News

What started out as a bit of fun with a thrupenny bit for the members of Provincial Grand Lodge of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire has collected £2,900 in donations over the years, to support care for dementia patients at Northampton General Hospital via Northamptonshire Health Charity.

Members purchase a 1967 thrupenny bit for £5 and the rules are that if they forget this when they meet each other, wherever this might happen to be and at whatever time, then they must donate £5 as a forfeit. “It was lovely to meet Roger Blason and Denise Hunt when they came in last week to present the latest cheque of £1,400 for the donations from members that have been collected over the last few years,” said Rob Powell, Charity Fundraiser, “It was great to hear some very amusing stories about members meeting up on holiday and having to pay the forfeit for forgetting their thrupenny bit.”

Elderly Medicine ward sister, Trena Lee met with Roger and Denise and explained how the funds would enhance the care and experience for dementia patients in a number of ways. These include new items for ward Activity Coordinators to use with patients as well as developing a day room to help patients feel more at home and to limit distress. Rob added, “We would like to say a huge thank you to Denise and Roger, and to all the members who have helped to raise this wonderful £2,900 to support dementia care at NGH.”