Founder of Cohesive Society Raises Bangladeshi Flag During Their Victory Day

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Founder of Cohesive Society Imran Chowdhury B.E.M Raises The Flag

Councillor Imran Chowdhury, BEM – the founder of Cohesive Society, an award-winning charity in the UK. The charity is engaged in connecting diverse communities. Hoisted the Flag of Bangladesh at University of Northampton to mark the 51st Victory day of Bangladesh’s Independence.

Mr Chowdhury wears a few feathers in his cap. To mention a few –

He is an ex Lieutenant of The Bangladesh army, the son of a gallant freedom fighter of our liberation war. Brother of a 17-year-old martyr freedom fighter, who is a living testament to Bangladesh’s Independence and its victory.

Lieutenant Chowdhury is also a historian who inspired many of us with the events of our warof independence.

Mr Chowdhury also made the inaugural speech outlining and narrating the history of Bangladesh and her war of Independence.

The Programme was initiated by Cllr Naz Islam a well known community personality from Northampton engaged in organising various events for the wider diverse communities to know about the Bangladeshi diaspora and its glorious past.

The event attracted a wider spectrum of people from all walks of life, students, businessmen and women, University teachers, member of Parliament and member of the House Lords.Representatives from British Army were also present during the event.

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