Forum focuses on ethical AI and its integration into the workplace

Artificial Intelligence is set to transform the way we do business. How business can use it to best effect, with the focus on innovation, safety and ethics, is the subject of an insightful seminar taking place in Milton Keynes.

Accelerating AI In Your Business takes place on February 16 at creative tech and AI specialist Aiimi ‘s head office in Central Milton Keynes.

Discussions will focus on value-driven AI for organisations, AI’s role in marketing strategies, a showcase of Microsoft Copilot and how it can be used in business and a discussion on how AI can be integrated ethically into the workplace.

Speakers include:

  • Andy Paul: Founder and CEO of, established the company to streamline business processes using AI, aiming to enhance business efficiency and productivity.
  • Matthew Rigby-White:  Managing director of Qoob Agency, focuses on ecommerce marketing, providing services like digital marketing, strategy, and content creation.
  • Lionel Naidoo: Dragon IS, under Lionel Naidoo, offers IT Managed Services, emphasising data security and efficient IT solutions for SMEs.
  • Matt Eustace: Head of Solution Engineering at Aiimi, specialises in data and information services. Their Aiimi Insight Engine transforms organisations by unlocking the power of data for business impact.

Mr Paul said: “At, we are dedicated to making business operations smoother and more efficient through the power of AI and automation. Our goal is to help companies focus on higher-value tasks while saving on labour costs, increase revenue, and minimise the potential for errors. By leveraging the familiar ecosystems of Microsoft and Google, which many businesses are already using, provides practical AI and automation solutions to enhance productivity and drive business efficiency and growth.

The event is for businesses with over 25 employees across all sectors and promises a comprehensive exploration of AI in business, focusing on innovation, safety, and ethics.

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