Five times longer: New hybrid cable for suspended applications suitable for SEW-EURODRIVE

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chainflex CFSPECIAL.192 if the first hybrid cable from igus for
hanging applications, with a travel distance up to 50 metres

The 24-7-365 intralogistics
industry needs machines that are round-the-clock reliable. Meanwhile warehouses
are getting bigger and bigger, and increasing mast heights mean high demands on
cables that are required to travel such distances. igus has developed the
CFSPECIAL.192 hybrid cable to ensure trouble-free operation even for long,
suspended applications. It is the only cable on the market designed
specifically for hanging applications in e-chains, matching MOVILINK DDI from
SEW-EURODRIVE. Thanks to a high tensile strength aramid support element in the
cable jacket, it’s possible to service mast heights five times higher than with
standard cables.

With 1,354 cable types for data,
bus, and hybrid systems that provide control and drive, igus offers a huge
range of cables for moving applications in a wide variety of industries. The
company has developed the chainflex CFSPECIAL cable series for applications
that have challenging requirements like high tensile load. New in the series is
the CFSPECIAL.192 – the first single hybrid cable for suspended applications,
suitable for the MOVILINK DDI drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE.

“Hybrid technology is
becoming more and more popular, meaning that the demand for new single-cable
solutions is also growing,” explains Justin Leonard, director e-chains and
cables at igus UK. “Increasingly in the intralogistics sector, companies rely
on the digital motor interface MOVILINK DDI from SEW-EURODRIVE, for which igus
already offers several suitable cables. However, hanging applications – such as
R-Control panels, which can have very high mast heights – place very special
demands on the cables used,” he adds.

“With CFSPECIAL.192, we have now
developed a new cable solution that can fulfil lifting heights up to 50

Absorb a force of over 4,200

“The challenge with hanging
applications is that you need a cable that is, firstly suitable for chains and,
secondly, can absorb enough tractive force to not break, even with long
distances and high lifting heights,” explains Leonard. The cable must bear
its own weight – according to the standard, this is a maximum of 15 newtons
p/mm2 of main electrical core. Although it is possible to increase
the cross-section, this does not automatically mean longer cable lengths. At the
same time, the dead weight of the cable increases.

“To solve this problem, we
incorporated a high tensile aramid braid into the PUR outer jacket of
CFSPECIAL.192 tests in our laboratory in Germany show that the tensile strength
is 500% higher than a standard cable suitable for MOVILINK DDI. Our new cable
achieves a tensile force of over 4,200 newtons, making it ideal for vertical
applications such as stacker cranes.”

Lower costs and guaranteed
longer service life

With this new hybrid cable,
customers also save costs by eliminating the need for a second cable and the
time-consuming interception of the power supply in the energy chain. At the
same time, the one-cable solution also requires less installation space and is
lighter. In addition to lower costs, users also benefit from the much longer
service life of the cable in suspended applications.

All igus cables are subjected to
numerous tests, from the results of which the service life of each cable can be
calculated – even quite simply via an online tool.

“For this reason, we are the
only supplier on the market to offer a 36-month warranty on all our chainflex
cables,” emphasizes Leonard. “Users therefore benefit from a durable
solution that helps ensure safe and trouble-free operation even in high applications
and long distances.”