‘Finding You’ – College prepares to premiere new film

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A film produced by Northampton College celebrates the resilience of young people across the county and highlights the opportunities available to them as part of its new ‘Finding You’ campaign.

The promotional film is the focal point of a social media campaign aimed at prospective students and their families, showing how Northampton College can positively enhance the lives of young people through the opportunities it offers to grow and develop, and move into meaningful employment.

Aimed primarily at young people aged 15-18 and their parents living in Northamptonshire, the film will be used as part of a far-reaching campaign across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and TikTok.

Pat Brennan-Barrett, principal of Northampton College, said: “The aim of the film is to get people talking about what really matters; and that is the high expectations we place on our students and the excellent support we give them through high quality teaching. The film is focused on the core message of promoting and celebrating self-discovery.

“‘Finding You’ is centred around an individual, exploring the journey of how they become the best version of themselves through the support they receive at college.

“It also focuses on the opportunities that await students once they’ve finished college and how we can provide connectivity into the world of work. We want young people to understand that the pandemic hasn’t affected this and there are some incredly exciting job roles out there for our students.”

The film is the first major promotional video commissioned by the college since its award-winning ‘Lifechanging’ campaign in 2016.

The film won a gold award at the College Marketing Network FE First awards in the category of digital and social media and has been widely used in several campaigns since then, generating huge engagement across various social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

‘Finding You’ – filmed by creative agency Clearhead – will be premiered across social media today as part of the new campaign targeting prospective students for courses starting this September. It can be seen at https://youtu.be/KIUBLCbAZo8.

For more information on Northampton College, or to apply for a course, visit www.northamptoncollege.ac.uk