Event: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

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The ONE Group have officially partnered with The Red Thread Partnership to launch our ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’ program for 2023.

This will be a series of breakfast workshops throughout 2023 based on topics around Leadership Development, Team Development, Culture Change and Engagement.

The series will focus on material from the World Class Manager series. Built on global best practices from 1000’s of great managers from around the world; WCM is a fast-track learning and 21st-century solution for today’s managers providing a foundation in world-class management best practices and in the habits of a great 21st-century manager. Delegates will gain insights and tools to benchmark their current management style and practice and enhance their performance immediately.

The first three events across Jan-April 2023 (at a very small cost) will showcase the following material from the World Class Manager Online Learning Suite :

Session 1: Optimising your Time

  • Focussing on the things that matter
  • Dealing with overwhelming demands
  • Regaining balance

Session 2: Creating a Stand Out Team

  • The building blocks of creating stand-out team
  • The power of vision
  • Driving high performance

Session 3: Understanding Your Customer

  • The psychology of a customer
  • Better understand your customers’ needs
  • Using empathetic perspective

We are launching this series with a free taster session on Tuesday 8th November 2022 which will provide an overview of content for the 2023 sessions and a chance to meet Freddie from The Red Thread Partnership.

The Red Thread Partnership is a leadership and organisation development agency specialising in Leadership Development, Team Development, Culture Change, and Engagement. Freddie has run many events with leaders and professionals across a wide variety of organisations, so this will be a great interactive session to meet like-minded professionals in management and HR.

This program will take place at Delapre Abbey, an elegant historic house based in Northampton.

Register to book your place for our free session on Tuesday 8th November 2022: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e…

We look forward to seeing you there!

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