East West Rail community drop-in event: Bletchley

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Here at East West Railway Company (EWR Co), listening to and understanding the
views of people living and working in the communities East West Rail will serve
is fundamental to the way this new rail connection will be designed, built and

Sitting outside the formal consultation process, we’re holding a
series of drop-in style events across the EWR route, open to all, to give
communities an opportunity to understand the project development process,
anticipated timescales, and speak face-to-face with the team. We are excited to
announce that our next event will be held in Bletchley.

and time:

Friday 15 July between 2pm to

Coronation Hall, 3 Stoke
Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK2 3AB 

The drop-in events are designed to provide you with a chance to
meet and speak to members of the project team, and you do not need to register
for this event.

For further details about our community drop-in events, please
click on the link below: