Dyna-mo Vision CCTV Launches

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Following the success of Dyna-mo Vision Intelligent Remote Video Monitoring system, Dyna-mo Instruments has released a CCTV version of the system, providing the ideal security system for home, office, commercial and industrial locations. No need for onsite video recorders or complex cabling, 

Dyna-mo Vision CCTV combines HD quality HIKVISION cameras with superb low light performance and an intelligent cloud adapter module that continuously analyses the video feed from multiple cameras. A small compact unit provides ethernet connection to cameras and network connection to the cloud. 

Quick and simple to configure, cloud storage enables remote access to camera feeds and triggered recordings from any mobile phone or desktop, via the CCTVConnect app. Cloud storage is provided from 2-days to 2-years and all video can be downloaded to a local device. Video analysis can identify objects, people, vehicles and much more, providing instant email and mobile alerts based on chosen settings. 

Dyna-mo Vision CCTV is a plug and play system with cameras powered over their network connection or can be connected to the network unit over Wi-Fi. Easy to install, the system can be installed by a professional CCTV technician or by any competent person.

To arrange a system demonstration or for more information visit https://www.dyna-moinstruments…