Don’t let the soaring temperatures mean soaring energy usage for your business

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This summer we’ve faced scorching temperatures across the UK and Europe.

The recent heatwave has had a real impact on businesses who have seen energy usage increase with the need for additional air conditioning and cooling equipment to keep staff, customers, and products fresh.

After all, who’s going to want to come into a stifling shop or a boiling office? And that’s before you start to consider the challenges of keeping your chilled products chilled and your frozen products frozen.

So, no matter what the weather’s like, now is the time to start thinking about how you can control your energy usage. Making small steps, like installing a smart meter, could help your business avoid spending more on energy than it needs to.

Firms with 10 employees or less could be eligible for a smart meter. To find out more please click here. You can also contact your energy supplier or broker.