Do you know an Aspiring Leader?

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Our Aspiring Leaders course is aimed at individuals who are keen to progress their career and thinking about taking their first step into a leadership or management role.

The programme has been carefully designed to provide the key skills and techniques they need to excel, providing them with the following benefits:

Developing an effective leadership style.

The programme will support you by strengthening your leadership knowledge, helping you to understand your responsibilities as a manager, to others around you and throughout your organisation. The programme will help you to understand and recognise which leadership style(s) will best suit you as you move through your management and leadership journey.

Empowering you to thrive.

The programme will give you the tools needed to become an effective leader, using real life examples, and how to manage them to get the required outcome. It will give you the ability to identify what it takes to be a leader while also learning core leadership skills, such as collaboration with peers, problem solving and conflict management.

Becoming a confident leader.

You will have the opportunity to expand upon your knowledge and skills, giving you the tools to make effective decisions that positively affect you and those around you. These skills and tools will make you more confident when taking action during difficult situations and help you to take a fair, considered approach to your management and leadership tasks.

Helping you make a better ethical decision.

Gaining a good understanding of inclusion, diversity and unconscious bias will enable you to make ethical decisions. This will allow you to build your image as a strong leader, meaning that you are open and honest with people, encouraging them to be more open with you. Sharing this knowledge with others, will empower them to follow this approach too.

Expanding your network.

Networking is an important tool for becoming an effective leader. As such, building, maintaining, and interacting with your professional network should be a key component of your leadership development plan. Having a strong network can help you to identify career opportunities, build a successful team, and stay on top of industry trends.

Developing with the best.

Unlike other providers, we pride ourselves by providing 1:1 mentoring time with an experienced member of the Issured Track team. With years of valuable work experience under our belts, we can provide relevant, valuable tips and knowledge to help you on your leadership journey.

If you, or anyone on your network might be interested, we have a few spaces left on our November course, with a special discount of 20% off per person (quote SM20 at time of booking)

Full details about the programme content, and to book a place, can be found on the Issured website

Or please contact Tom Cliffe at
or 07877 321806