Cynthia Spencer Hospice – festive fundraising –  winter raffle and hamper raffle

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Winter raffle 

Our winter raffle this year has the opportunity to win some amazing prizes and add a little sparkle to the season

1st prize – £1,500

2nd prize – a seven night holiday in South Devon

3rd prize – £500

Plus 10 prizes of £50

It is just £1 per ticket to take part!

Tickets can be purchased online via the website or using the QR code. If you do want some physical books of tickets to sell to suppliers, clients, customers and other contacts please do let me know.

Link to winter raffle –

Hamper raffle 

Many local businesses already take part in our hamper raffles throughout the year. We provide you with a hamper full of a range of donated items – alcohol, chocolates, candles, bath products etc. We provide you with a sheet of 100 squares (all numbered), a sealed winning number and a donation pot. Again, it is £1 per square to enter so a fundraiser to suit everyone, if you have a spare £1 or £5.

Once all the numbers have been sold simply open the sealed number and match it with the name next to that number on the squares sheet and they are the winner! Again, a great internal fundraiser but also open to anyone who may be passing by and wants to enter – just remind them to leave their phone number if they are external!

Delivery of the hampers will start mid to late November so, please do get your requests in early to ensure we have a hamper ready for you.

As always, please do let me know if you have anything over the festive season you would like support with, supplies for, or just to remind your staff why you choose to support our Hospice.

Any questions as always please do let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your continued support.