CULT Marketing Launch Support For Local Marketers

Member News

Founder and Marketing Consultant at CULT Marketing, Elisha Dignam, has launched a new suite of services dedicated to supporting local marketers.

With over 12 years of experience in marketing, working across various roles client-side, Elisha became marketing director before the age of 30 and then established CULT Marketing in 2020, so knows first-hand the unique challenges in-house marketers face. Today Elisha is also a Lecturer at The University of Northampton, supporting to development of the next generation of marketers.

Elisha explains:

“I’ve worked in-house, often in small and even sole teams. The opportunities you can have within these roles are incredible; however, the challenges are also very real. Unfortunately, the nature of these roles is that you’re often reporting to non-marketers, which means you can feel isolated and alone from a marketing perspective. Like any role within the business, sometimes you need the support of someone who understands the nuances of your role. That’s what we hope to achieve through our marketing community.”

Through a range of services such as events, online courses, and group and individual coaching, Elisha is building a supportive and collaborative community for marketers, helping them to achieve their goals.

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