Competitive Edge Training and Consultancy

Competitive Edge Training and Consultancy Launches Free E-book on Building High-Performing Teams

Competitive Edge Training and Consultancy, a proud member of the Northampton Chamber of Commerce, is thrilled to announce the release of their free E-book, Me to We: A Primer for Developing High-Performing Teams.” This resource aims to assist business leaders and owners in fostering stronger, more effective teams.

The E-book delves into the core principles of creating high-performing teams, emphasising an innovative approach designed to unlock team potential and enhance collaboration. It highlights the importance of a mindset shift towards a culture of mutual support and teamwork, which can significantly boost organisational performance.

Chris Battye, Director of Competitive Edge Training and Consultancy, explains, “Our ‘ME to WE’ philosophy is more than a training model; it’s a transformative strategy that redefines team collaboration and success. With our extensive expertise, we help businesses discover their true potential and achieve sustainable growth through collective efforts and strong relationships.”

To explore the ‘ME to WE’ philosophy further and transform your business, download the free E-book on high-performing teams by visiting This valuable resource is available now to help you start your journey towards a more collaborative and successful organisation.