Compact and bijou: The e-spool flex mini guides cables safely and saves space

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Compact, desktop energy supply system from igus transmits power, data and media without interruption, and without a slip ring

It is 169mm high, 163mm long, 78mm deep and weighs only 200 grammes, making the e-spool flex mini from igus one of the smallest and lightest cable and hose reels in the world. It carries energy, data and media in many different environments with no interruption, in factories, offices, laboratories and even dental practices.

Dental patients are familiar with the sight: drills and suction cups are held next to the dental chair, often hanging loosely with no guides. This is also true in offices and factories where many wired devices are used, there can often be a confusion of cables. 

“That’s why we have developed the e-spool flex mini, a cable and hose reel with no slip ring that’s only 169 millimeters by 163 by 78 millimeters and weighs only 200 grammes,” says Patrick Johnson, Product Specialist for the E-spool Unit at igus UK. “The guide is extremely compact and therefore easy to integrate into the respective operating environment.”

Small but suitable for different cables and hoses

A special design feature of the e-spool flex mini is a screw guide into which the user inserts part of the cable. The guide can then be inserted into the spiral housing in a few simple steps and the remaining cable length is wound up on the drum. The cable connector extends from the side of the housing. 

“Thanks to this design combination, the cable can unwind and unwind without the plug moving in rotation,” Johnson explains. “Since there are no breaks, the user can use the e-spool flex mini for a variety of cables and hoses for uninterrupted transmission of energy, media and data.”

Using the e-spool in co-working spaces is also feasible. Here the e-spool flex mini can be used at workstations, accepting HDMI and internet cables for laptops and PCs. In laboratories, for example, cables and hoses can be easily stowed under the worktop. Even at home, in the cellar or garden office, or as a charging station for your e-bike, the energy supply system helps achieve a tidy workspace.

e-spool flex mini – intuitive to use

“We deliberately took care to design the cable drum in such a way that it offers maximum flexibility and can be operated easily and reliably in everyday life – even handling slightly larger actions like the replacement of cables and wires,” says Johnson. 

The user opens the drum housing, inserts a 5-7mm diameter cable or hose, closes the enclosure again and screws it on the spot. Now the line can be extended up to 3m for everyday uses. Every 15mm a locking mechanism is activated, which relieves the cable of strain and keeps the length constant. The line rewinds again via a tensioned feeder mechanism, like a vacuum cleaner. It’s all designed with ease of use in mind.