MHA is pleased to share the generous contributions made by its teams, totalling over £1,000, to two worthy causes, Dementia UK and Don’t Lose Hope. These donations stem from MHA’s internal incentive programme, designed to recognise offices with outstanding response rates to periodic internal surveys.

Recognising the exceptional efforts of our teams in Northampton and Peterborough, who achieved remarkable response rates, we awarded them cash prizes and allowed them to nominate charities to receive the proceeds.

In a remarkable show of support, the Northampton office raised an impressive £660 for Dementia UK, a national charity providing invaluable support and advice through its Admiral Nurses to those affected by dementia. Similarly, the Peterborough office made a significant contribution of £530 to Don’t Lose Hope, a local charity offering free professional counselling services to community members aged four and upwards.

Both services are provided by qualified professionals and require significant cash investments, relying heavily on fundraising to sustain operations. MHA is dedicated to supporting both local and national charities, recognising the profound, positive impact such initiatives have on community members facing various challenges.

Rebecca Hughes, partner at MHA, said: “At MHA we understand the impact of even the smallest acts and commit to serving our local communities and helping those in need.  Our team embrace fundraising initiatives and are proud to be making a difference”

Adding to this sentiment, Joe Spencer, also a partner at MHA, commented: “It is incredibly rewarding for us as a firm to be able to support charities close to our hearts in this way. Our teams’ seemingly modest actions have resulted in positive outcomes for those who rely on our support the most. We look forward to many more opportunities to effect change and enhance lives, one contribution at a time.”