Cobblers Tackle Food Waste

The Northampton Town Football Club Community Trust is launching a groundbreaking campaign to reduce food waste, in partnership with Final Third and Planet League.

The aim of the Cobblers Tackle Food Waste project is to use the power of football to bring together the people of Northamptonshire and reduce food waste throughout the county.

Rich Holmes, Director of Final Third, said: “The problem of food waste is huge, with a third of all food going to waste globally.

“Not only does this contribute to the climate crisis by increasing emissions, but we’re wasting money too.

“It’s reported that £14 billion of food is wasted each year in the UK, so we should all try and do our bit here, for our pockets and for the planet, and what better way to start than through the beautiful game.”

The Community Trust will encourage football fans, schools, businesses, community groups and everyone in the wider Northants community to tackle food waste in innovative ways. Challenges include turning leftovers into delicious new meals and transforming vegetable peelings into crisps.

Follow these simple steps to get involved and help reduce food waste in your local community.

  1. Visit

  2. Sign-up and create a team.

  3. Select your school or business as your ‘Community’.

  4. Complete activities to tackle food waste, score goals for your Community and climb the Cobblers Tackle Food Waste league table between 11th and 31st March.

There are opportunities to win prizes along the way. These will be revealed in due course.

Cobblers Tackle Food Waste is supported by the Eat It Up Fund, an initiative created by environmental charity Hubbub, designed to find creative solutions to reduce food waste.

The project stood-out amongst over 750 applications, and its innovative approach and potential for community engagement shows its promise to make a real difference by tackling food waste in Northants.

For more information about the Eat It Up Fund, please visit