Central Foods makes it easy to comply with new calorie labelling regulations

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We are highlighting our practice of providing full nutritional information on all products ahead of new calorie labelling regulations which come into force next month.

From 6th April 2022, all businesses in the out-of-home sector (cafés, restaurants, takeaways) with more than 250 employees will need to display calorie information for non pre-packed food and drink.

They are required to display accurate calorie information to customers at ‘the point of choice’ including on menus, websites and food ordering apps.

As one of the UK’s leading frozen food distributors, we provide full nutritional information for every product, including calorie information, on outer case labels and on product specifications.

This ensures that caterers can quickly, easily and reliably fulfil their legal obligation in readiness for this new legislation.

“We are committed to customer service and hope that our practice of providing full nutritional information on every product will make life easier for our customers as this change comes into effect,” added Gordon Lauder, MD of Central Foods.

Visit the Government website here for more details about the legislation, which currently applies to England only.