Care with Passion and Love

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At TLC professionals Ltd we are a health care recruitment agency based in Northampton and we supply all over Northamptonshire and beyond. Our services are tailor made to every client and we deliver a person centred care. We are looking for clients (care homes) who we can build with a strong relationship, by supplying you with our qualified staff full of compassion, empathy, passion and love for the work they do.

TLC Professionals has a vision and goal geared to empowering our staff, serving our clients with quality services and impacting the lives of people we care for, their families and the community at large. We train our staff and we are compliant. We intend to continue this process as required and based on the demands of our clients. We are here to work with care home owners and managers to support them and solve their staffing problems. We understand that reliability, consistency, integrity and time management are some of the big issues with staffing. TLC professionals do our best to combat these issues. What we require is the chance to prove our quality services, and you will never regret it. 

Due to the growing demand for the personal care and Individual needs in their private homes, TLC Professionals is taking another step to expand its business by registering for the Domiciliary Care. 

We are looking for a Registered Manager ready to grow with us and happy to take on different challenges but working under flexible conditions and with super friendly team. Please contact us by phone 01604355996 or email us: