Can you help us shape cancer care via The Lewis Foundation?

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Can you help us?

We are currently working on putting together a research piece with our incredible research assistant Syed Mohammad Nasir, kindly funded by University of Nottingham to understand the needs of cancer patients and their carers/caregivers following a cancer diagnosis.

When we talk about carers, we are not just referring to a paid capacity. A ‘Carer/Caregiver’ is anyone who is supporting someone diagnosed with cancer such as a family member, friend, spouse or colleague.

The Lewis Foundation is passionate that anyone diagnosed with cancer and their carers should have the best possible support and best needs met. We want to be a part of shaping that experience through our work. More than ever, people need to have access to the right information, support and care following a diagnosis.

We would love if you could complete this questionnaire to help support us in achieving this aim:

Deadline for response is 14th July 2023

Please SHARE with anyone who fits the description of cancer patient, carer or medical professional.