Business Manifesto Outlines 5-point Action Plan

The British Chamber of Commerce has launched a 5-point Action Plan to help address the barriers firms face ahead of the General Election.

The five-point plan is drawn from extensive consultation with the businesses within the Chamber network, the BCC’s Business Council, external stakeholders, and academics to create a manifesto for the Government to implement.

Louise Wall, Chief Executive of the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce & Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce said; “The Chamber Network has set out a clear five-point vision for the future of British business. Local firms are ready to embrace green innovation, but they need support and a clear roadmap from the government.

“Reforming business rates and enhancing skills planning are crucial steps towards creating a thriving economic environment.

“Improved relations with the European Union and a dedicated AI champion for SMEs will empower businesses to grow, compete, and innovate on a global stage.

“The Chamber will continue to champion the Voice of Business and ensure that those who are vying to be elected on July 4th hear what firms want to see changed to support economic growth”

Baroness Martha Lane Fox, President of the BCC said:

“In the frenzy of the election campaign, it’s crucial that all politicians focus on the power of British business.

“As I travel across the UK meeting Chambers and their businesses, I hear amazing stories of people determined to grow their businesses and make a difference in our remarkable country. But time and again businesses tell me they want to see a long-term vision for the economy.

“Our manifesto showcases practical ideas on how politicians can help companies successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities our economy faces. It’s a blueprint for boosting productivity and a pathway to higher growth.

“Whichever party is in power after July 4th the immediate focus must be on implementing our five-point-plan for business. The stakes for business from the next government could not be higher.”

Shevaun Haviland, Director General of the BCC said:

“A General Election is an important time for our country, our economy, and our businesses.

“The companies we represent are the drivers of economic growth and the employers of millions of people. They need to know that politicians have got their back. Once the votes are counted – we want government to know how to help business. Our five-point-plan is clear.

“As companies play their part in the UK’s net-zero journey, we desperately need an industrial strategy with green innovation at its heart.

“Firms are constantly telling us they can’t get the skills they need. We need better strategic planning on skills that helps business and training providers work together.

“In local communities, firms are crying out for a fairer business rates system. Over a quarter (26%) of companies told us earlier this year they’d changed plans to upgrade or open premises because of the system.

“The EU is the UK’s biggest market, so we urgently need to get a better trading relationship with our closet neighbour. It’s not about rewriting the referendum result, it’s about cutting red-tape and promoting trade.

“The world of AI has huge potential to boost economic productivity. But it’s important that SMEs aren’t left behind, or vulnerable, as new technology accelerates. A Government appointed AI champion will help spearhead a boost in AI uptake by SMEs.

“We believe our 5-point plan creates an immediate pathway for a new government, of whatever party, to help businesses succeed. When business succeeds, the country succeeds.”

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