Build A Career at Bhangals – Katie Newman

In an industry that is stereotypically male, Katie Newman is a shining example of what women can achieve in construction.

The operations manager at Bhangals Construction Consultants has grown with the business, starting out as a client services executive five years ago, she now oversees and improves business processes and in-house strategies to ensure the company’s success.

Katie said: ‘’Before I started my career in construction, I had no experience and this can be daunting, however I have learnt so much in the last five years which has ultimately got me to the role I am in today.

“The construction industry offers a wide range of job opportunities based on various skill sets so there are lots of different routes to go down. It also offers the satisfaction of seeing projects come to life and that can feel very rewarding.”

Her experience makes Katie the ideal face for the new Build A Career at Bhangals campaign, launched this week to highlight the value of choosing construction as a profession and celebrate Careers in Construction Month during October.

The Build A Career at Bhangals campaign aims to shine a spotlight on the variety of roles available in the sector – and at the company itself – through sharing engaging stories from people who have built a successful career at Bhangals.

Katie, who was approached by a recruiter whilst working for a high-end retailer, said: “When I was told it was in construction, I was sceptical as I had no experience in the industry, but when the recruiter went into the role in more detail and it being an administrator role, I felt my skills matched and thought it would be a great opportunity to gain knowledge in the construction field.

‘’Going into an industry which is predominately male based, you do worry that you won’t be taken seriously, or you will be limited to what you can and can’t do but I truly believe since being in my role that if you are willing to give 110%, you can go far and progress.”

Katie has thrived at Bhangals and now manages the sales and admin team, ensuring sales targets are being met. She also deals with other elements of the business such as recruitment and staffing.

“A lot of my day to day involves looking at systems and processes in the business to ensure that they are seamless,” said Katie. “Whether that be making changes or coming up with new ideas.

“I am a huge people person and I’m very passionate about implementing positive changes within the business that will impact our team or our clients. I also love the variety and what level of responsibility I have within my role.”

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