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The cost of living crisis is effecting us all in very different ways. One thing is for sure, talking about money, financial planning and budgeting when you’re already feeling the pinch can make things feel worse, triggering more anxiety and stress at an already difficult time.

This is why for tomorrow’s Stress Awareness Day, Minderful are offering a FREE 30 minute LIVE webinar on LinkedIn to explore the powerful combination of managing breath and budgeting to reduce stress and boost wellbeing during this difficult economic climate. 

Hosted by Minderful and joined by partners Melike and Carla, this short taster-style event will teach you how to improve your relationship with money through breathing and budgeting to help you reduce stress and anxiety and improve your wellbeing.  

Melike is Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Breathwork Coach and a Qualified Nurse and has a strong 15 year corporate background as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte. Melike founded BreathZone to optimise individual and employee health, wellbeing and performance combining scientifically proven tools of Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation with medical science.

Carla is a financial adviser and has spent several years working for one of the world’s largest banking corporations, as an international wealth manager, specialising in providing financial solutions for Western Expatriates living and working around the Middle East. Carla founded FinanZen to help teaches
the day-to-day money management skills needed to reduce the stress and anxiety associated to financial distress.

You can register for the event here: https://partnerships.minderful… We look forward to seeing you. 

If you would like a dedicated webinar delivered directly to your business, please email to book a session.