Break the taboo and talk about menopause!

Break the taboo and talk about menopause! That’s the message from award-winning people experts HR Solutions, who are hosting an interactive webinar for business owners on the subject later this month.

Menopause in the workplace: How to support your employees, will be held on Tuesday 30th January at 10am.

The online seminar will promote awareness, talk about how the menopause can impact work and offer tips and guidance to business owners on how they can support their employees.

Victoria Templeton, HR Knowledge Manager and Sue Watson, Operations Director at HR Solutions will host the event, answering any questions and sharing insights on navigating the menopause at work.

“The menopause can be viewed as a taboo subject,” said Victoria, “But it should not be. It is not a one-off event taking place over a short period, but a stage of a person’s life that can occur over many years.

“In this webinar, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide and focus on how business owners can bring their menopause policy to life, by fostering an inclusive environment for employees who may be experiencing menopausal symptoms.

“All women have different symptoms and a different experience of menopause. Some might have hot flushes, headaches or insomnia and others might struggle with low mood, anxiety or forgetfulness.

“Managers aren’t expected to be medical experts but knowledge and understanding of how they can be supportive, and an open line of communication can be a huge help.

“Work can provide much needed fulfilment for menopausal women, giving a purpose, meeting social needs and building self-esteem.”

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