BBE Training Are Planting Trees.

First Steps

We love to share positive changes, and we have great news for our UK and worldwide customers.

I am sitting in the Citrus Group offices looking out the window this morning and remembering the UK spring weather of the past when memory reminds me that early spring sunshine and blue skies where the norm. There is little doubt that the planets environment is changing and everyone who calls Earth home needs to do their bit to take care of our life sustaining Blue Planet.

So up until a few weeks ago when you booked a management, accounting, bookkeeping or education training course online you received the service and training you paid for.

But now, your course booking will make a positive environmental difference.

We have implemented an exciting partnership with Switch2zero, a pioneering environmental initiative partner dedicated to promoting planetary sustainability.

BBE Training are taking positive steps towards creating a greener future by integrating tree planting with every purchase made on our website. With Switch2zero as our trusted partner, we’re able to make a tangible impact on reforestation and carbon sequestration by planting trees for every course purchased online.

This partnership allows us to contribute to a healthier planet and empower our customers to be part of the solution. There is a counter on our website so that everyone can follow the progress.

Every online purchase made has a beneficial impact on the environment.

Join us in making a positive impact today!