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And VEKA Recycling wants to show how just how far at this year’s event on Stand K21

VEKA Recycling is using the FIT Show to engage with installers, fabricators and other systems brands to communicate the importance of recycling PVC-U and how it can help sales and profits at every level of the supply chain: “VEKA Recycling processes end-of-life PVC-U window and door frames irrespective of original manufacture,” says Alex Hamilton, the firm’s head of sales and marketing. “We need all the frames that we can get to put back into the system, especially new window and door profiles. And we also want to encourage installers not only to recycle old frames, but to understand the importance of doing so responsibly and through licenced recyclers. And of course, to use the fact that they are recycling their customers’ old frames to reassure them that the material is being used to make brand new products, including frames.”

Alex added: “So much has changed in PVC-U recycling even since the last FIT Show, including the opening of our new plant in Wellingborough and we want to talk to as many visitors as possible about how they can use recycling to close sales and add to their bottom lines, whatever level of the industry they operate at.”

VEKA Recycling’s brand-new PVC-U recycling facility in Wellingborough is the most advanced of its type in Europe. Opened at the end of 2020 it was built specifically for the re-processing of end-of-life PVC-U window and door frames, together with sending virgin offcut material back into the system. Significantly, the new plant allows the complete reprocessing of old frames in-house, with no further movement to other sites for refinement.