AFP Services – CIMA “SME of the Year” 2022

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Business Services company
AFP Services have been awarded “SME of the Year” at the Annual AICPA/CIMA
Engage Finance Awards 2022.

Accounting and Operations professionals AFP Services have won the CIMA SME of the year award for 2022. The company has been supporting small and medium sized enterprises for twenty years. It provides outsourced accounting, outsourced operations, and outsourced business services to clients across the UK, helping them to grow faster and to run their businesses more efficiently.

The CIMA SME Award is awarded to the business that can “demonstrate outstanding initiative, boldness, and imagination, as well as sound management accounting practices, which have resulted in sustainable growth and commercial success”.

AFP Services is delighted to be recognized with this award from such a prestigious professional services body, and noted in particular the judges commendation for “having had a positive impact on the wider community and local economy, that is exceptional for the size of the company”.

Managing Director, Catherine Casey, commented “We are all thrilled to have won this award which is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our team. We cater for clients from so many walks of life and it is great to see that our ‘one stop shop’ is properly valued by all these clients and our peers.”

If you’re looking to find out how AFP Services can support your growth, please visit the website at, or get in touch at