Welcome to 2024 ✨


Firstly, a huge thank you to all those I connected with collaborated with and those who supported me in 2023 🙏✨🙏 I have had so many magical moments, so much growth and huge learnings which will forever continue – it never stops!!


Here are a few…


Opening the space @love_your_presence in June has definitely been a massive highlight and from that have come so many opportunities to collaborate with like-minded souls and remind me to flow each day with grace and live my true and most authentic self which leads to me living my best life, inviting myself to lean into spaces where it will only help me grow and learn and align energies with those who have a clear calling to either work with me or hang out with me. I love vibing this way and yes sometimes it’s the most challenging situations I have faced that have helped me flourish ✨


2023 began with Reiki 365, the amazing Reiki 7 ladies – have been a significant part of my growth and shone love and light onto my shadows to allow me to integrate and heal from layers of trauma that I had held onto, doing ‘the work’ has allowed me to gain a better understanding of my self and this has allowed me to help others on their journey of self-discovery and now integrating the Munay Ki Rites – healing 🙏✨

12 Full Moon circles celebrated this year – my co-circle sister @wildflower.ali has been super magical, each month we came together with those who had a calling to join us and we helped space for deep connections, conversations and transformations – through meditations, sound frequencies, angel guidance, journalling and simply being present ✨🙏


The Boat Party for @duchenneuk where we raised £7200 was phenomenal – grateful to all those who made this happen with the 4 MORE SHOTS beauts 🙏💖


‘SHE speaks’ platform with my dear friend @anjul_chandi – to hold a safe space for women to speak about topics that are often taboo and raise awareness – things are shifting slowly and we aim to continue raising awareness and changing narratives ✨


I look forward to collaborating and holding more events this year like candle making, bead making, calligraphy, painting/art sessions etc, where it’s all about wellness, a place to pause and connect to realign, finding joy in what you do,  and advocating self-care to celebrate YOU – mind, body and soul ✨🙏✨