The FREEDOM Workshop – Planning an exit or better business for you!

Welcome to The FREEDOM workshop! Join Business Doctors, Wilson Browne Solicitors and Kilby Fox Chartered Accountants for a power-packed event including networking and an exciting, informative and interactive workshop on building the value of your business.

Many SME owners see their business as their pension pot, but few run it so that it could be ‘cashed’ in short order for the ‘right’ amount if and when needed. This is why most SMEs fail to sell, and for those who do, the process (including due diligence and valuation) usually takes much longer than expected and owners can be dissatisfied with proceeds.

This workshop looks at your business through the lens of a financial buyer. By doing so, you will not only acquire useful knowledge for when the time actually comes to sell or step away, but more importantly you will take away insights that can make an immediate impact on the way you run and build your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unleash your inner power and transform your future. Secure your spot here