The Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce and Sara Penrose Ltd are delighted to be holding a practical skill development workshop to help business boost operational efficiency on 10th April 2024. 0930 – 1230.

Join us as for a three hourly highly interactive in-person workshop where we will focus on the key business objective of operational efficiency.

Operational efficiency focuses on how you better manage resources effectively. If resources are used more effectively, you save money.

In the workshop delegates will

  • Be introduced to why operational efficiency is important
  • Learn the skills to achieve better operational efficiency e.g. critical thinking, lateral thinking and problem solving
  • Undertake a practical and creative project to practice these skills
  • Apply these skills to their job roles and operational efficiency with a skills application plan

This workshop is for any business large and small who are interested in optimising their performance to achieve better operational efficiency, which impacts directly the bottom line. You will take away value to be added straightaway to your business.

We have carefully crafted our optimisation training programme based upon over 45 years’ experience in engineering and logistics, from shop floor to board level. Let us help you optimise the performance of your business.

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