Your Community Card by Reward-It has won two silver awards!


We are delighted to share the news that Your Community Card by Reward-It has won two silver awards at the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards!

We achieved silver for Best Enterprising Business and the Positive Impact Award, two awards that acknowledges the innovation Reward-It has shown in its quest to help small and medium sized businesses. The Best Enterprising Business award recognises our initiative – paving the way throughout the industry to ensure any independent businesses who faced threat of closure during the pandemic can rebuild stronger than before. This is also why we have been achieved silver in the Positive Impact Award, which is awarded to businesses who make adjustments to the services they offer to benefit the good of the community, either locally or across the country.

We are incredibly proud to have achieved these awards and Your Community Card will continue to provide these services for small to medium sized independent businesses across the country, by providing a loyalty scheme that puts unity back into the community.

Why were we nominated?

Over the course of the pandemic the way we shop has changed, and due to the socioeconomic impact of restrictions such as lockdowns, having community support in place is crucial.

Your Community Card has introduced a digital loyalty scheme to assist in bringing local businesses together – and attracting more customers for those who participate. Having a shared space for businesses can help rebuild the high streets and create a community for all of those that live in the area, even stronger than before.

Your Community Card provides a unique loyalty scheme for each participating business with rewards the shop owner sets, but customers can collect points from all the businesses with just one card. This scheme is also environmentally friendly, as plastic usage is reduced due to customers having just the one card and can run entirely digitally if desired.

Why does it work?

Business owners have full, flexible control over every aspect of their unique loyalty scheme which means points, rewards, limits, and rules are all in the business’ own hands, and can be updated any time, in real time. This ensures that each business’ needs can met whilst being part of a wider community.

Additionally, Your Community Card gives any businesses who participate a mobile presence, which is essential in a modern, smartphone dominated society. The handy consumer app gives full visibility to businesses who participate in the scheme, and allows customers to collect, view, and manage their loyalty points.

With screen time being higher than ever, the customer app will help local people to find and discover businesses they wouldn’t normally visit. Users can also monitor their points progress, which will only encourage them to spend more in an attempt to collect more points.

Your Community Card is dedicated to bringing together local communities and reigniting a sense of unity between local businesses and its local people. Reward-It understands the complex needs of the high street and has created this scheme to offer a fully flexible, easy to use loyalty scheme.

To find out more about how Your Community Card can support and build your community, please visit our website or get in touch with a member of our expert team.