It’s very on trend these days to know why you started your business but not everyone has some earth shattering, compelling reason. In my experience it is usually because of a couple of reasons.

  1. They hate their current job.
  2. They think their manager is a ********** (fill in your own blanks but it’s not a good a word usually!)
  3. They have a hobby that has generated an income and now can sustain them.
  4. They want to work for themselves.
  5. They want to change the world.

I can honestly say I can tick all of the above boxes! Not necessarily in that order I might add and some of them (no.2 – for a reason🤣) several times. What is that saying? You keep getting the same lesson until you learn it?

Anyhow, moving on! What’s my why? and why should you care more importantly? Well, you don’t have to care, be great if you did, but you don’t. We are LinkedIn connections and at some point our lives have crossed. We may have met in person, worked together or just connected online. Some of you know me really well and others don’t at all. So I thought I’d use this newsletter to tell you a bit more about me. You can just put your feet up, take five and have a cuppa while I tell you a very short story. It’s not short due to lack of excitement, drama and content. It’s short because time is short. We are all busy people and with on average only 4000 weeks on earth we need to be getting on! 🌍

So who am I?

An inspiring helper, a believer in people and eternal optimist. People fascinate me, they always have.

My first business when I was 21 was a local fitness instructor in Milton Keynes. Remember Step Aerobics? I was one of the first teachers here in MK! Lindsey’s Workouts. Imaginative I know. Marketing was never my bag 🤣

I used to teach around 25 to 30 classes a week to over 600 ladies. Step, Legs, bums and tums and aerobics. And what a blast I had for 15 years. This taught me so much about people and about running a business. All this whilst having two gorgeous boys which does change your priorities somewhat. When they got to school age it was time to get a ‘proper job’.

And into the commercial world I went……. and then spent the next two decades being a fish out of water. Don’t get me wrong, I did well, making my way up to board level 3 times on the bounce whilst picking up a plethora of qualifications including a masters degree in Human Resources – with a distinction! Not bad for someone who dropped out of sixth form because they thought they were not bright enough 🤔 Who says imposter syndrome is not real……….

But it was never enough. I never felt that passion that I had had teaching aerobics. I could see the impact on peoples lives, their confidence growing and their bodies changing shape. It was inspiring for me. I could see change.

So here I am now and full circle. I have that passion back. I want to change the world. And so Clarity People Ltd was born, after a little bit of a false start. What was that I said about lessons 🤔

I want to reinvent recruitment as a force for good. I want to help businesses raise money for charity through their recruitment. It is a really simple concept and a complete no brainer.

  • Who wouldn’t want an HR director with two decades of building high performing teams recruiting for them?
  • Who wouldn’t want to pay standard MK recruitment fees (or less) but have up to 50% of the fee donated to their charity?

Well, if you have read this far, thank you 😊 Please follow my page Clarity People Ltd and you will be added to the draw for a free insights discovery profile in March.

Now, finish up that cuppa and get back to it, whatever it is for you ❤️