Why is data erasure important for GDPR compliance?


How confident do you really feel that your business is correctly sanitising data to GDPR standards?

You might think simply restoring factory settings or wiping a chunk of data will suffice for GDPR compliance, but it isn’t.

Data that has been deleted or incorrectly sanitised can be easily recovered, which is extremely attractive to certain threat actors seeking to exploit ineffective procedures.

Not only this, your business could also face a huge fine if you fail to comply with any of GDPR’s data protection principles.

Under Article 17, GDPR introduces a right for individuals to have personal data erased. This requires organisations to completely remove all the data they hold on an individual if that person requests it and must also be able to prove they’ve properly wiped their records with an auditable process.

If you don’t use the right data erasure tools you cannot be certain that data has been removed correctly.

Eradicate the worry using the 4Secure Ltd erase.

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With its rigorous certification process and approval of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) under the CPA scheme, 4Secure erase is able to assert compliance to the highest standards.