Why cleaning your guttering is important…


In previous blogs we have introduced some of the systems within the Spacevac range.

Today we would like to explain why cleaning certain areas of your building is important, we are going to look at the importance of cleaning your guttering and downpipes.

The cleaning of guttering’s in some cases can be overlooked as part of building management but it should form a crucial part of any building management plan.

These areas are constantly attacked by elements, over a short period of time they can become blocked by soil, leaves, bird’s nests, even plants and moss.

If they are left unchecked over time these build ups can and will pose problems for the building owners, blocked guttering can lead to leaks, potential structure damage to the property and is even know to cause health problems to occupants of the building.

There can also be knock on effects to other parts of the building, when the gutters and downpipes are blocked water has to find an alternative route to come away from the roof, this will be where drips and leaks start to form when it rains, this will continue and will then cause damp and other problems in the building, all these will have a major cost impact on your business or home.

A common way of cleaning guttering in buildings such as Supermarkets, Schools, Flats & Houses and Factories would consist of hiring equipment such as ladders, cherry pickers and scaffolding.

Our external cleaning system eliminates the cost of hiring any equipment and putting users at risk by working at height especially in some weather conditions.

Spacevac external cleaning system is a very simple, durable system for cleaning and the maintenance of guttering and downpipes reaching up to a height of 15 metres all from the safety of the floor making it extremely user friendly.

To find out more about our external cleaning system or to arrange a demo get in touch with our team today to discuss in more detail.