What is a Waterwheel?


If you google the word waterwheel, you get an interesting definition about halfway down the screen.

‘The waterwheel enabled man for the first time to use an inanimate power source for industrial production and it had this major impact on technological and industrial development: It made possible considerable labour savings in certain industries, and it permitted massive increases in production in others’.

It’s a very tried and trusted device. In fact, the first references to a waterwheel date back to Roman times when Vitruvius was credited with creating and using a vertical waterwheel which was used for crop irrigation and grinding grains, as well as to supply drinking water to villages.

Fascinating stuff!

It is really a symbol that can be used to demonstrate efficiency and growth. Indeed, when the creator of the Business Waterwheel™ that my company Cleartrack Business Growth uses designed the model, he chose a Waterwheel because it “conveys authenticity, harnesses natural power and they keep working without you needing to watch over them”.

Sounds perfect for a guaranteed business growth coaching plan. Our comprehensive programme will help you run your business in an efficient way and will put you on the path to guaranteed growth – or we refund our fees. It will also help you plot your exit from the business so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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