What does success look like in and out of work?


This week marks 8 months since creating my own business, as many of you know I love it, Richer Solutions has bought me a great deal of joy which I view as success. I love helping, sharing knowledge, working with great people, and making a positive difference in other people’s business dreams. Because of this, the time has truly flown by – like it should do in life.

Over the past 2 months, I have done a great deal of mentoring with organisations in Kent and West London and a number of themes have emerged one of which has stood out, that is what does success looks like and the cross-over of this between work life and personal life. I have started asking mentees to talk to me about the factors they define as success. A number of common threads have emerged:

* To get the work-life balance right

* To make my team happy

* To plan and run the business rather than be stuck in the day to day grind and detail

* More money to do the things I want

* To be happy myself and make a difference in the world

I think we can all relate to these business factors and in many ways, these with a few tweaks can become out of work-life goals:

* To get the work-life balance right

* To make my family and friends happy

* To do more fun things rather than the day to day jobs

* More money to do the things I want

* To be happy, healthy, and make a difference in the world

The commonality reconfirmed to me that actually creating good habits in and out of work effect life out and in work. For me, I find it fascinating that whilst money is often mentioned it’s not the key driving factor for anyone I have worked with. A simpler life with more balance and time to do the right things is always a more important success factor.

I ask my mentees to define what success looks like and to then use their factors to build their goals upon. I can then share with them the joy I find from running my own business, helping people, work satisfaction, working with inspiring clients, and the happiness I find in my soul – I hope this inspires them to reach their goals. I have built my own success factors in my professional life and every day at work I get to enjoy them.

If you would like to work with a professional mentor please get in touch and we can discuss what you think success should look like in your world and how to make it happen.