What does Lead Generation mean?


Lead generation can mean many things to different types of businesses, but I think the accepted term for lead generation is how to attract and generate new business leads for one’s business.

There are many types of lead generation activities out there, such as Email Marketing, Website SEO, Content Marketing, Word of Mouth, Events, Referrals, Reward Schemes, Loyalty Programmes… or a Sales Rep on the road, literally knocking on doors! But all have the same intention which is to generate new customers through their own particular form of lead generation.

Lead generation for Virtual Sales Team is predominantly through telephone marketing activity or also often known as Appointment Setting. We as a business, will also use other types of lead generation mechanisms to generate leads for ourselves and our clients. Where we feel will add more value than most other marketing agencies is by adding the human touch and intervention to leads generated. For example, if someone generates leads via their website and the whole response is automated, that prospect might not feel very valued. However, if you generate a lead via your website and someone from Virtual Sales Team follows up on that lead with a call, suddenly you are engaged with a person and are more likely to win that business as you can answer questions quickly and the prospect will feel more valued.

The term ‘lead generation’ has been around for decades, but in the last few years it may mean different things for different businesses. For Virtual Sales Team, our aim is to generate the highest quality leads, in the most professional and efficient way possible, to gain the highest possible return on investment for our clients.

Virtual Sales Team has been generating leads since 2007 from our Northamptonshire head office. We welcome a conversation with you not only about generating leads through telemarketing, but any other methods you may be interested in. Generating leads isn’t all we do, we also QUALIFY leads for our customers too amongst many other services.

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– Andrew Smart, Managing Director