What can I store on my Mezzanine Floor?


A mezzanine floor is an additional level of flooring installed within a building which covers part or all of the main floor, creating valuable additional space without incurring the large costs of relocating or extending your business premises. Throughout our 25+ years in business, we’ve been asked to install mezzanines in some funny old places for all manner of uses and, at Cubex Contracts, we are always happy to oblige! From petting zoos, access platforms and walkways, to housing theatrical props and scenery, we pride ourselves on devising practical and functional solutions to meet our customers’ requirements (and we make it look good too!).

So what exactly could you use your mezzanine for? And what could you store on it? Is there a weight restriction? Or a height restriction? These are all very good questions! If you’re considering a mezzanine floor installation for your workspace, you’ll be pleased you came to Cubex Contracts! We’ve covered all of the important things business owners need to know about mezzanines right here, so read on to learn how you can make space for your business to grow:

Uses of a mezzanine floor
If you’re running out of floor space, just look up! The most popular uses for a mezzanine floor are storage or offices – built within the existing structure of the building, mezzanines are a great place to store material that requires easy access, making them the perfect solution if you’re looking at enhancing the efficiency of deliveries! That said, we have also been asked to build a Formula 3 racing simulator room on top of one mezz, as well as installing two mezzanines into a gym in Cambridge, one of which is used to host spin classes and store the equipment in between sessions! From retail to distribution, commercial offices to open warehouses – and probably every business sector in between – a mezzanine floor installation can work for your business and virtually double your existing floorspace.

Manufacturing: Avoid the need to cram packaging and storage onto one level and instead streamline your operations to manufacture products safely and efficiently across different floors (with a separate office area to manage the logistics too).
Distribution: With the popularity of online shopping forever on the rise, distribution industries can increase their operational workspace with a new mezzanine, enabling them to take in more products and, in turn, boost profits.

Offices: There’s nothing worse than working in a cramped and crowded office and it will no doubt restrict the productivity and satisfaction of your employees too. By installing a mezzanine floor, you can instantly inject a contemporary, open plan feel into your office and give your team the space they need to work at the optimum level.

Retail: It’s not just the productivity of back-office teams that can improve with a mezzanine floor, customer facing industries including DIY and furniture stores or homeware and car showrooms can reap the rewards too. Within retail outlets, a mezzanine floor offers a private space for customers to browse products and then liaise with the sales team members away from the shop floor helping to increase profits.

What can be stored on a mezzanine floor?
By installing a single or multi-tier mezzanine, you now know you can significantly increase your workspace no matter what sector of business you are in. Here is a list of just some of the uses a mezzanine floor can have within your workspace (they’re incredibly versatile which is why we love ‘em so much!):

  • Meeting rooms
  • Office space
  • Communal areas (breakout rooms, staff rooms, kitchens etc)
  • Washrooms
  • Storage areas
  • Production and assembly space
  • Additional shelving/increased racking lengths/block stacking
  • Working areas for heavy equipment/machinery eg chemical tanks, industrial pumps, sorting machines and conveyor systems

Weight and height restrictions of a mezzanine floor – what to consider:
Many commercial buildings are designed with a headroom height of 6 metres or more and, apart from being expensive in terms of heating and cooling, this unproductive space can be used to erect a mezzanine floor to create more space for your business to grow. You can install a mezzanine floor in any office or industrial building providing the ceilings are high enough to allow you to utilise the space above you (ideally the headroom height for each floor should be a minimum of 2300mm).

The weight load of a mezzanine floor is worked out on a kilonewton per square metre basis (kN/m2), and the weight loading of any mezzanine floor will depend entirely on the use of the mezzanine – we’ve explained more about that here. For guidance, the following weight loadings are recommended:

  • Office use and personnel: 3.5kN/m2
  • Light storage: 4.8kN/m2
  • Medium storage: 7.2kN/m2
  • Heavy storage: 9.6kN/m2

Mezzanines are installed to maximise unused vertical space, providing additional room above and below, and they can be built free of existing structures to address the most common space issues. The addition of a mezzanine can improve communication, production, supply chain management and productivity, plus a mezzanine floor is a rent-free space because it’s not part of the structure of the building and therefore the cost per square metre is significantly reduced… billy bonus!

Whether you’re on the hunt to maximise space for additional office space, production zones or perhaps you too are looking for a viable solution to utilise every inch of your petting zoo (and can we just add that we love the idea of sitting on top of one of our mezzanines petting a rabbit or a guinea pig!), Cubex Contracts can help!

Typically speaking, no formal planning permission is required to install a mezzanine floor. And when it comes to installation, we won’t keep you waiting (we have previously installed a single mezzanine in just one day so you’ll be back to work in no time)!

We don’t mind what you want to use your mezzanine floor for, we’ll simply work hard to design and install the right solution for you and your business to make the most of the space above your head. Give us a call today on 01933 460422 or click here to email us and let’s get your workplace refurb started!