What British Cycling Has To Do With Hand Washing?


In 2008, The British Cycling Team went from obscurity to full-on domination in road & track cycling events.

They won 60% of the gold medals in the Beijing Olympic Games.

One of the tactics they employed was to bring in a surgeon to teach each rider the best way to wash their hands to reduce the chance of them catching a cold, flu or other viruses.

Who knew that such a simple, daily task could have such a profound effect on their overall performance?

We totally take for granted that our staff understand the importance of hand washing & the correct techniques to employ to the task.

However, it’s easy to let really thorough hand washing slip.

At Workplace Cleaning Solutions Commercial Cleaning, we haven’t got an onsite surgeon but we do know a thing or two about hand washing techniques!

Here is a step by step guide to thorough hand washing to help protect you & your staff from colds, flu & other viruses.

Wet hands and apply soap
Rub palm to palm
Rub palms with fingers interlaced
Scrub the back of your hands
Clean base of thumbs
Wash fingertips and fingernails
Rinse with water
Dry your hands with a towel

Your hands are clean!