What are Employability Skills and why it is important for us to recognise and develop them?


Employability Skills are skills that we all possess. They are what make us employable. This is why when we recognise them we can nail those job interviews and thrive in our job roles.

Employability Skill are transferable and can be applied to most job roles in any industry.

Many of us, at present are finding ourselves applying for new jobs, writing new CV’s and attending interviews after being in secure employment for many years or stuck in a cycle of temporary employment applying for jobs every two weeks or even long term unemployed, wondering why we keep getting rejected from jobs we apply for. Learning to recognise even just a few of these important skills in ourselves, how we use them in our daily lives and how we can transfer them to the workplace will help you to feel more confident, answer those interview questions with ease and stand out.

Some of the main skills to focus on are:

Organisation – all employers want to employ someone who can organise themselves, their daily workloads and prioritise projects.

Communication – being able to communicate whether it is verbal or written is a skill that employer’s value.

Leadership – many of us may not be in a “Leadership or Management” position but this does not mean that you will not use these skills. Being able to lead on projects, manage your own work and take control over situations on the workplace means you will stand out and make yourself an asset to the workplace.

Resilience – having the ability to bounce back from difficult situations on the workplace is a very strong trait in an employee, for the employer it means less time off, fewer long-term problems and minimal babysitting.

Initiative – if you can demonstrate that you can “used your own initiative” , be creative, solve problems and work with minimal supervision the you will be showing your potential employer that you could be saving them time, helping them meet business objectives and overall contribute to the success of the organisation.

There are other skills such as Teamwork, Self Awareness, Time Keeping etc.

So how can you develop these skills and show an employer that you not only recognise them in yourself, but you have developed them to a point where they are also your strengths as an employee?

SBA Project CIC are the founder and sole delivery service of the Unlimited Skills Programme – basic skills workshops designed to make you more employable and feel more confident when looking for work.

Our Employability Skills workshop will help you to recognise how you use these skills on your everyday life and how we can transfer them to your CV, Interview and eventually, your workplace.

You will receive a Certificate of completion and a Badge to add to your CV so potential employers know that you are serious about your applications.

These courses are available to anyone over the age of 16, unemployed and eligible to work in the UK.