Welcoming 2022! We have plans for you!


Last year was most certainly one of a kind, and now we all have fresh slate substantially to continue our journey’s, filled with bright ideas and new exciting developments. Throughout 2021, we grew by almost 250% as a charity, and we’re one step closer to our mission.

For 2022, we have made big plans that will support that ultimate vision in becoming a national charity with a national footprint with a national voice for young people.

We will continue to provide the amazing support we do for our four groups of vulnerable young people:

Achieve: Those with special needs and learning disabilities
Aspire: Those who are at risk of offending
Attain: Those leaving care
Affirm: Those with mental health and emotional needs

We currently provide these across Herts, Beds, Bucks, N London, Birmingham and Leicestershire.

Our mission, vision and values always play a key part in what we do and how we plan our future within this charity.

Significant developments that we’re planning on putting into place this year are to further develop our virtual services so that we’re actively reaching at least 500 young people! Our virtual services allow for us to support young people who we cannot see physically, broadening the amount of support we can give and our reach.

This will also be alongside our face-to-face mentoring support and services as a blended service.

We want to replicate or extend all projects, providing at least a 50% growth in face to face/blended services, increasing to at least 500 young people overall and over 100,000 hours of support.

This is a huge amount of support that we want to deliver throughout 2022 – and we believe that we can do it!

Our plan is to provide more opportunities to our young people through paid work and work experience in roles such as coffee shops, cleaning companies, catering companies, pet sitting and walking services. Our target for this is to launch at least one scalable social enterprise (two if we can). We will be looking to secure the funds to do so as to provide these experiences and opportunities.

These are just a few of the amazing things we are aiming to achieve this year. Check out our other further development plans and view this all the way into 2025 and beyond!

If you feel as if you can help us towards these goals please contact us at support@transitionsuk.org with your ideas and we can work together to change lives!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor, then reach out to volunteering@transitionsuk.org or visit our expression of interest page and register to change young lives today!

If you cannot offer your time to volunteering (or even if you can), we have plenty of other ways for you to get involved with our charity by taking part in our yearly events!

January – Fire Walk: Walk on burning hot coals, and Polar Plunge: Jump in freezing cold water

February – Sleep Out: Sleep out under the stars in the cold for a night

March – Wear it Purple: Wear Purple for the day, TUK’s colour

April – Spring Walk: Join our walk in beautiful spring weather

May – Golf Days: Enjoy a day of playing golf with TUK, and Skyathlon: Skydive, Cycle and then Run

July – Skydive: Jump out of a plane

September – Golf Days: Enjoy a day of playing golf with TUK, and Ben Nevis: Climb Ben Nevis with the team

October – Anniversary Dinner: Join us to celebrate the year.

All of these events are waiting for you to get involved in as a participant or as a sponsor. Check out the events that interest you by clicking the links or email fundraising@transitionsuk.org to get involved today!

We look forward to this exciting year full of opportunities for our charity as a whole and especially our beneficiaries! We hope you will continue to show your support in whatever way you can!